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Yabu: House of Katsu


verytime the NBA trade deadline approaches, it’s like the guy’s version of gossip.  Who’s going where and for whom and whatnot.  I was reading today’s chismis and apparently Dwight Howard has told the Magic management that he’d like to stay in Orlando for the rest of the year… Presumably to bolt to another team next year without gutting his team ... Read More »

Tong Yang Jupiter: Closing Time


irst of all, let me just say that Tong Yang in NOT closing shop.  Indulge me for a few minutes and the title will make more sense. I’ll just say it out loud now: I love Tong Yang.  I love the yakiniku concept and Tong Yang was really one of the first to do this.  So there might be the ... Read More »

Papa John’s Pizza: A Little Change of Heart


’ve heard about Papa John’s Pizza for quite some time now.  Even before they set up shop here.  They’re the ones that’s been getting air-time with their concession stand in the Miami Heat arena.  They’ve had that cheesy tag line “Better ingredients.  Better pizza” line for the longest time now.  Get it, cheesy jeje?  OK, that was bad. Moving on… ... Read More »

Gotti’s Ristorante: Food Sale Gone Bad


K, I know this is a pretty late entry since the Food Sale in Megamall was ended about 3 weeks ago.  But yeah, Megamall had a Food Sale for that weekend and it was really the reason why we went there.  Unfortunately, it was almost like a big scam.  So being the cheap bastard that I am, it took quite ... Read More »

Gumbo: Chickening Out A Bit


or the sake of transparency, I just have to say that this is not my first time in Gumbo.  I just never really bothered to take good photos, but mostly, I just never bothered to write about it.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea what New Orleans cuisine actually is.  All I know is ... Read More »

Mann Hann: Back to the Familiar


ne of my default restaurants has been Mann Hann along J. Abad Santos.  But I haven’t been there for quite some time now.  And sometimes, it’s just wanting to eat something familiar as opposed to trying out something new.  So let me share what my typical orders are in Mann Hann. First is a Sate Chami.  Chami is Chinese for ... Read More »

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