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Everything at Steak: Quickie Food Porn


’m sure you know how I feel that after a good and tiring workout or an intense basketball game, you feel so hungry that you just want one thing – a bit fat, juicy steak!  For me, the most convenient place to get this is at Everything at Steak (EAS) and it really hits the mark. It’s times like these ... Read More »

House of Minis: The Good Old Steak


emember the days when the most common concept of steak was when it was served in a sizzling plate? Nowadays, we would probably call it fake steak because honestly, that was no way to treat a piece of meat. Still, there was one that was better than most and it was probably served by the House of Minis. It’s probably ... Read More »

The Frazzled Cook: Anything But Worn Out


have a confession to make: I love eating at The Frazzled Cook.  I’ve been coming to this place for quite some time now and I’ve almost never had a bad meal. I love the fact that it doesn’t feel cheap, doesn’t feel crowded with the tuck-away location, and it just feels comfortable. The first thing you’ll notice is the decor.  ... Read More »

Food Porn Set in Cafe Juanita


robably every Filipino food blogger out there has written about Cafe Juanita.  Seems to be a requirement entry for every aspiring food critic out there and I can’t blame them.  The setting is perfect. Winner of the Best Filipino Restaurant in the Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Award? Check! Hole-in-the-wall hidden?  (Sort of) Check! Picked by travel books? Check!  Some ... Read More »

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