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No Nolita


guess I’m partly to blame for expecting a lot.  First, you have the same people who brought you Borough, which I liked a lot.  Second, it’s fucking New York pizza!  It’s supposed to be the love child of American portions and the pomodoro sauce of New York’s Italian cuisine and it’s usually pretty awesome. First, we have the Lemonade, which ... Read More »

The Old Oven Art Cafe


SDA Prime.  Ribeye.  600 bucks.  Do you really need any other reason to visit this place?  Old Oven Art has been getting some publicity over the past few month and apparently, this little shop along White Plains is said to serve a mean cheese steak as well.  And what deranged bastard does not like a fucking cheese steak? Things started ... Read More »

Milky & Sunny: Not So Latest Breakfast Craze


’ve heard about Milky & Sunny for the longest time now.  For about a 2-week stretch, I coulnd’t stop hearing about this place from blogs, word of mouth, and through Twitter.  Seriously, it was like the next Linsanity, but not as flocked as Lugang when it first opened.  But because we here at Food Porn Junkies are responsible eaters, we ... Read More »

Hermanos Taco Shop: A Little Assist from TV


usually get stuck when deciding where to go.  ”Anywhere” seems to be the standard reply.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  I found a pretty good way of going about this and it’s turning on the Travel Channel!  In my case, it was the Mexico episode of No Reservations and it was as good a time as any ... Read More »

Trippin’ in Greece Part 2: Devilfish in Athinaikon


robably one of the more well-known eateries among tourists in the Omonia Square area of Athens is Athinaikon.  Omonia Square is generally like the business district of Athens, kind of like what Makati is to Metro Manila, but with the Binondo-area looks.  It’s also the unofficial drug (the illegal kind) store and escort service district of Athens.  Not the best ... Read More »

Shi Lin: Another One Bites the Dust


ver notice that the Philippines is a trending type of country, especially in the restaurant business?  I mean look at the pearl shake phase where you had Zagu being commercially successful, then all those pearl shake stalls mushroomed about the Metro.  Then this milk tea craze started with the Serenitea’s that have ushered in stores such as Happy Lemon and ... Read More »

Cab Cafe: Nothing to Write About


‘ve been having trouble finding a new place to eat because I don’t feel like driving some place too far.  I ended up remembering this new place right beside Charlie’s Grind and Grill in Kapitolyo that I keep seeing, but never really stopped to find out what they serve there, much less try their food.  No better time than now, ... Read More »

Johnny Rockets: Unli Bucket


he biggest game changer in the telecommunications industry here in the Philippines has been the unlimited buckets.  I mean it single-handledly fucked up plans for any major player at one point.  I should know.  I used to work for two of them  So why is this analogy relevant?  Because of Johnny Rockets! Johnny Rockets is this relatively new fast food-type ... Read More »

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