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Wee Nam Kee: The Best Chicken Rice in Manila


here’s no other way to say it but the Chicken Rice shops we have in Manila are shit.  Now I don’t claim to be an expert of boiling chicken and steaming rice, but you don’t have to be a genius to know the good ones from the bad.  Chicken Rice is NOT the national dish of Singapore.  It is, however, ... Read More »

Breaking Bread at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery The Fort


‘d like to think that I’m not so fashionably late with certain trends.  Sure, I’m a little behind that some people, but for the most part, I’m just really late when it comes to writing about it.  The whole bakery-turned-brasserie is one such example. It’s been there for the longest time in Europe, but has recently gained steam in Asia ... Read More »

Midnight Mercato at The Fort Part 2: Where We Taste and See “Wagyu” Beef


love steak.  There is nothing I like better than a medium-rare, moist, pink, juicy slab of beef – marinated, salted, and peppered to perfection.  There’s something so carnal about carne, so inherently alive with every rib, sirloin, T-bone, porterhouse and tenderloin perfectly grilled over hot coals or pan-seared and fried in a thick cast-iron skillet.  The problem is that a ... Read More »

Midnight Mercato at The Fort Part 1: Where We Bash the Burgers


love burgers.  It’s beef, bread, and cheese – what’s not to love?  Nothing spells home and comfort better than a good old-fashioned burger.  In fact, I always order a burger when given the choice.  I’m in Canada, I order a burger.  I’m in Hong Kong, I order a burger.  Wherever in the world I’m at, I have had a burger.  ... Read More »

Toro Restaurant and Bar: The Deal Grocer Special


’m in pretty much a no-spending budget so I can’t afford to eat out as much as I did.  And I’m try to eat my fair share of quality places on a fair budget.  One of the deals I found Toro’s Degustation Menu on Deal Grocer. I don’t really know much about Toro, although my sister was saying Chef Sau ... Read More »

Breakfast at Malcolm’s Deli


e’ve been through breakfast before at Flapjacks.  They left me unusually full at an unusually early time of the day because I’m not really used to having a heavy breakfast.  But I couldn’t resist when I heard about the best pancakes in Manila is served at Malcolm’s.  I know what you’re thinking.  Malcolm’s?  That place with a 400-peso burger and ... Read More »

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