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Kizuna Coffee Concepts: Gourmet Food with Coffee


’m usually skeptical about going to Banawe, not unless I want cheap parts for my car.  There are good places to eat, but there’s a huge supply of really really cheap but mediocre food.  But there’s this place that we’ve heard about, so Ryan and I decided to check this place out. The place is called Kizuna Coffee Concepts and ... Read More »

Charlie’s Grind and Grill: Getting Away with Murder


bout 2 or 3 years ago when I first visited Charlie’s, I loved the place!  Good food.  Good-sized servings.  Well-hidden.  What’s not to love? Well, the burger. Wait… Don’t these guys serve one of the meanest burgers in town? Well, yes and no.  Let me explain. There are plenty of things to love in Charlie’s. You can go for the ... Read More »

Cibo: The Mall Temptation


hate shopping! Really. You’re walking around the mall, there’s nothing to look at, things are pretty expensive nowadays, and then your back gives out on you.  It really makes walking around the mall a drag. Suddenly, you pass by the shops and there’s this fragrant smell coming out one of the spaces. Makes you go, “Damn, I want that!”  So ... Read More »

Som’s Noodle House: The Cheap Thai Fix


love Thai cuisine.  Flavors are big, bold, and spicy. And that’s the thing I really love about Asian cuisine and it’s the same reason why Thai food is near the top of my list. For the 2 loyal readers out there, you’ve probably realized that I’m more the cheap, hole-in-the-wall, semi-dirty/dangerous foodie than the Michelin Star-seeker.  So when I first ... Read More »

Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles: It’s All About the Noodle


great piece of carb can really be as sexy as a great slab of meat.  Fresh, pure, firm. Well, you get the picture. But the point is, a really high quality carb, whether it’s a noodle, spaghetti, rice, or a risotto, can really make or break a dish.  It’s a dish in itself regardless of the sauce or topping. So ... Read More »

Terry’s Selection: The Always Hidden Deli


love delis!  They tend to have really quality steaks, an array of selection of quality ingredients, and best of all — cured meat!  I’ve been hooked with cured meat ever since I got a taste. Now I’ve heard of Terry’s Selection a while back from one of our business partners in my old job.  I visited The Podium branch, but ... Read More »

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