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How to Get Your Money’s Worth at The New Spiral


piral has arguably the best buffet spread in Manila.  Usually, it’s a shit load of dishes with maybe the prime rib really standing out.  It gets overwhelming that it becomes a parade of mediocre dishes that gets covered up.  Sure, there’s the usual prime rib station, the pasta section, the Indian, Chinese and all that shebang — but what makes ... Read More »

Circles at Makati Shangri-La: Just Another Buffet?


had a whole post on Circles Event Cafe written before this one.  It was a brilliant, humorous, even poignant piece of work.  One that I accidentally deleted.  Because I am a moron.  Just sharing.  On to the buffet! I have a love-hate relationships with buffets.  I love them, but I hate myself afterwards.  But hey, I insist on abusing my ... Read More »

Cafe Sweet Inspirations: Awesome Mongolian Joint


ne of the places I loved to try (but never did) was Cafe Sweet Inspirations — right across that school with the blue rooster.  Why you say?  Let’s just say the 180-peso price tag was a wee bit too much for me.  I absolutely love my Mongolian rice bowl and the better alternative then was a place called Kublai’s, which ... Read More »

Tong Yang Jupiter: Closing Time


irst of all, let me just say that Tong Yang in NOT closing shop.  Indulge me for a few minutes and the title will make more sense. I’ll just say it out loud now: I love Tong Yang.  I love the yakiniku concept and Tong Yang was really one of the first to do this.  So there might be the ... Read More »

Dimsum Feast at Xin Tian Di


imsum is one of the greatest things in this world.  Seriously. It’s Chinese tapas, or maybe tapas should be called the Spanish dimsum.  Small bites you can have anytime of the day.  And even if they are steamed, they don’t suck. Dimsum is traditionally a light, tea-time meal.  But with my cousins coming from all over, we decided for a ... Read More »

Spiral: Hardcore Buffet


’ve been wanting to try Spiral for quite some time now, but I’ve been (1) too cheap to shell out the cash, (2) too lazy to drive all the way to the Manila area, and (3) too cheap to shell out the cash.  With the 50% discount that my sister got (with her HSBC Debit Card), her insistent bugging me ... Read More »

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