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Stop Over Pizza: Gem of the Midnight Mercato


consider myself a pizza lover.  By no means am I an expert – no, I leave that to the Italians and the people at Pizza Hut (jeje) – but I know what I like.  Lots of cheese, freshly baked dough, quality ingredients – this is what I look for in a pizza.  Now I’m relatively easy to please.  If the ... Read More »

Trippin’ in Greece Part 7: Best Meal in Thanasis


would’ve loved to have my best meal in Greece during my last day there.  Instead, this meal was actually during my first night there and it’s something so basic and happens to be one of my favorite things in this world: kebabs! There are few things in this world that I love more than kebabs.  So when kebabs are done ... Read More »

Trippin’ in Greece Part 6: A Little Surprise in Kalambaka


e joined a local tour for 2 days to visit Meteora.  We were brought to this place to a little town called Kalambaka that reminded me of Canada (even though I’ve never been).  I admit to be skeptical because it’s a tour-arranged lunch (although it wasn’t mandatory), which usually translates to “tourist trap.”  I was wrong. First, what were we ... Read More »

Trippin’ in Greece Part 5: Good Start in Taverna Rozalia


ou always want to start off any trip well.  Always.  And considering the stress we had encountered with planning our trip to Greece and a curveball to our plans, lunch at Taverna Rozalia was a good start to what became a great trip. And expectations were a bit high.  Rozalia is listed by TripAdvisor as #45 out of 694 eateries ... Read More »

Trippin’ in Greece Part 4: Gyros


t can be expensive to eat in Europe.  Check that.  It’s really expensive to eat in Europe… especially when you compare the price in Asia for the same meal.  Quality- and portion-wise, it can’t be that much different.  It’s really just expensive over there.  I’ve been to Europe twice now and there were days of having only 1 meal to ... Read More »

Trippin’ in Greece Part 3: Starving Ourselves in Efxaris


e were quite lucky this day.  It was October 28 and we had planned to see the Acropolis of Athens.  Fortunately for us, it was a public holiday called “Ohi Day” or “No Day,” which was to commemorate the start of World War 2.  October 28 was the day that the Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas said “No” to Mussolini ... Read More »

Trippin’ in Greece Part 2: Devilfish in Athinaikon


robably one of the more well-known eateries among tourists in the Omonia Square area of Athens is Athinaikon.  Omonia Square is generally like the business district of Athens, kind of like what Makati is to Metro Manila, but with the Binondo-area looks.  It’s also the unofficial drug (the illegal kind) store and escort service district of Athens.  Not the best ... Read More »

Trippin’ in Greece Part 1: Eating in Santorini


came home from my Greek vacation last November 1 and it’s taken me 53 days before sitting down and writing my first planned entry for that trip.  So I’m trying a different approach here.  I’m not doing the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 travelogue type of entry.  Instead, I’ll do a couple of reviews, share some tips, and maybe ... Read More »

Cyma: Manila’s Version of Greek Food


yma is not the only restaurant that serves Greek food in the Philippines.  Greek cuisine is mediterranean in nature.  You will see the same things like kebab, shawarma (or gyro’s in their case), salads, etc. I’ve been here a few times, but I was set to go to Greece and I wanted to compare Cyma’s authenticity to real Greek cuisine.  ... Read More »

Chelsea Market and Cafe


y sister’s been bugging me to try out Chelsea for the longest time.  We’ve passed by their Podium branch dozens of times now and we’ve actually planned to eat there for some time now.  It just never happened.  I had been looking forward to it mainly because of good reviews and constant recommendations from different people. First sign of a ... Read More »

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