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Shi Lin: Another One Bites the Dust


ver notice that the Philippines is a trending type of country, especially in the restaurant business?  I mean look at the pearl shake phase where you had Zagu being commercially successful, then all those pearl shake stalls mushroomed about the Metro.  Then this milk tea craze started with the Serenitea’s that have ushered in stores such as Happy Lemon and ... Read More »

Maimee’s Garden Cafe: Tucked Inside Little Baguio


pparently, there’s been a “secret resto” in the San Juan area for the longest time and I was skeptical.  I love secret resto’s and I should’ve known about it, right?  After all, I’ve been living in the area for only 20 years now.  Still, the only thing that matters now is that I’ve tried the place. So the place is ... Read More »

Cab Cafe: Nothing to Write About


‘ve been having trouble finding a new place to eat because I don’t feel like driving some place too far.  I ended up remembering this new place right beside Charlie’s Grind and Grill in Kapitolyo that I keep seeing, but never really stopped to find out what they serve there, much less try their food.  No better time than now, ... Read More »

Flapjacks: One Heart Attack Per Day


ou know when they say that you’re getting old when your body clock wakes you up early in the morning?  Well, consider me getting old.  It doesn’t really matter how late I sleep the night before or how tired I am, I don’t even need to wait for my alarm to play The Beatles’ “Good Day Sunshine.”  I’m basically up ... Read More »

Earle’s Delicatessen


guess I’ve eluded Earle’s for the longest time now.  I worked for the #2 Player in Makati for quite some time and never had the chance to walk 5 minutes, place an order for a sandwich, walk back another 5 minutes to my desk.  My bad.  And from the time that I got out, I never really wanted to go ... Read More »

Gumbo: Chickening Out A Bit


or the sake of transparency, I just have to say that this is not my first time in Gumbo.  I just never really bothered to take good photos, but mostly, I just never bothered to write about it.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea what New Orleans cuisine actually is.  All I know is ... Read More »

Jake’s: Who Loves Steak?


love steak!  Like how Kel loves orange soda.  And I’m glad that I live near a place that serves quality steaks for a fairly reasonable price.  Thing is, I’ve been eating at Everything at Steak for god knows how long now that it’s a little embarrassing that the waitresses probably know me too well by now.  So I was really ... Read More »

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