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There’s Always A Line at Rub BBQ and Ribs


‘ve never been to Rub without having to wait in line for about 20 minutes.  Sure, the place isn’t as big, but so are other places with more empty seats than the waiting chairs outside Rub.   So why do I think this place is so popular?  IMHO, it’s one of the best- (if not the best) valued rib place in ... Read More »

Red Buffalo Wings and Pizza


have to admit that I don’t remember a lot about Red Buffalo.  It doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t good.  It probably has to do more with my terrible memory and the fact that this has taken so long ago.  What I do remember is exactly the date of my visit: April 29, 2012.  When this happened: So yeah, I dreaded ... Read More »

Chelsea Market and Cafe


y sister’s been bugging me to try out Chelsea for the longest time.  We’ve passed by their Podium branch dozens of times now and we’ve actually planned to eat there for some time now.  It just never happened.  I had been looking forward to it mainly because of good reviews and constant recommendations from different people. First sign of a ... Read More »

The Cheese Steak Shop Review!


t was Lester who first told me about it.  ”Hey,” he started, “there’s a new cheesesteak place in Makati.”  I’m usually wary of Lester’s recommendations, partly because we don’t exactly have the same tastes in food, mostly because he eats weird things like snake’s hearts.  I brushed it off.  A couple of weeks ago, I overheard somebody raving about this ... Read More »

Gumbo: Chickening Out A Bit


or the sake of transparency, I just have to say that this is not my first time in Gumbo.  I just never really bothered to take good photos, but mostly, I just never bothered to write about it.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea what New Orleans cuisine actually is.  All I know is ... Read More »

Brooklyn Pizza: A Slice of New York


absolutely love pizza! It’s not exactly a secret.  In fact, if you don’t love pizza, I don’t know how we can become friends.  For New York style pizzas, Brooklyn Pizza (IMHO) has to shoot up to the top of my list. Why does this place stand out? First of all, they serve you with complimentary bread.  It’s got good size, ... Read More »

Johnny Rockets: Unli Bucket


he biggest game changer in the telecommunications industry here in the Philippines has been the unlimited buckets.  I mean it single-handledly fucked up plans for any major player at one point.  I should know.  I used to work for two of them  So why is this analogy relevant?  Because of Johnny Rockets! Johnny Rockets is this relatively new fast food-type ... Read More »

Sunrise Buckets


love my Buffalo wings.  Which idiot doesn’t?  They’re fried, they’re fatty, they’re skinny, and they’re spicy!  So why do I have Sunrise Buckets as my go-to wing place? To start with, proximity.  Second, there’s a pretty good vibe to the place.  Third, they have solid wings with pretty interesting flavors.  If you need another reason, then you probably need to ... Read More »

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