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No Nolita


guess I’m partly to blame for expecting a lot.  First, you have the same people who brought you Borough, which I liked a lot.  Second, it’s fucking New York pizza!  It’s supposed to be the love child of American portions and the pomodoro sauce of New York’s Italian cuisine and it’s usually pretty awesome. First, we have the Lemonade, which ... Read More »

Red Buffalo Wings and Pizza


have to admit that I don’t remember a lot about Red Buffalo.  It doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t good.  It probably has to do more with my terrible memory and the fact that this has taken so long ago.  What I do remember is exactly the date of my visit: April 29, 2012.  When this happened: So yeah, I dreaded ... Read More »

Poco Deli: Simple Little Deli Along Kapitolyo


eli’s are fucking awesome.  Aside from the occasional salads, it’s stocked with good quality meat, awesome craft beers, and cured meat.  I call that “man food” and we here at Food Porn Junkies are men. Real men are secure enough to say, “I love meat in tube form.”  So god damn it, I do.  I love it.  To start with, ... Read More »

L’Incontro Ristorante Italiano: My Best Italian Meal… By Far


his won’t sound new but I’ve been passing by L’Incontro everyday for 3 years and I’ve never gone in.  I’m serious.  And it’s not like I haven’t heard about it.  It’s just every time I pass on my way home, I just keep thinking “I want to go home!”  Especially after pretending to work (and stealing paychecks) after a hard ... Read More »

Il Ponticello Cafe Ristorante


while back, I was invited to a despedida/birthday dinner of one of my old colleagues.  I would’ve highlighted and underlined the word “old” but I still feel grateful for this meal.  I can’t believe that having worked 3 years in the area, I’ve never stepped foot inside Il Ponticello before.  Actually, I can believe it.  That place is expensive!  At ... Read More »

Papa John’s Pizza: A Little Change of Heart


’ve heard about Papa John’s Pizza for quite some time now.  Even before they set up shop here.  They’re the ones that’s been getting air-time with their concession stand in the Miami Heat arena.  They’ve had that cheesy tag line “Better ingredients.  Better pizza” line for the longest time now.  Get it, cheesy jeje?  OK, that was bad. Moving on… ... Read More »

Isabelo Garden Restaurant: Marikina Road Trip for Our 2011 Reunion


very year, my high school buddies and I meet up at least once a year.  It’s usually a Christmas / year-ender get-together and we almost always opt for some sort of a buffet meal.  I wanted something different this year and Isabelo Garden was a place that I’ve been hearing constantly.  My cousin was telling me it was the best ... Read More »

Stop Over Pizza: Gem of the Midnight Mercato


consider myself a pizza lover.  By no means am I an expert – no, I leave that to the Italians and the people at Pizza Hut (jeje) – but I know what I like.  Lots of cheese, freshly baked dough, quality ingredients – this is what I look for in a pizza.  Now I’m relatively easy to please.  If the ... Read More »

Chelsea Market and Cafe


y sister’s been bugging me to try out Chelsea for the longest time.  We’ve passed by their Podium branch dozens of times now and we’ve actually planned to eat there for some time now.  It just never happened.  I had been looking forward to it mainly because of good reviews and constant recommendations from different people. First sign of a ... Read More »

Gotti’s Ristorante: Food Sale Gone Bad


K, I know this is a pretty late entry since the Food Sale in Megamall was ended about 3 weeks ago.  But yeah, Megamall had a Food Sale for that weekend and it was really the reason why we went there.  Unfortunately, it was almost like a big scam.  So being the cheap bastard that I am, it took quite ... Read More »

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