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Food Porn Fetish: Eating A Whole Cobra


here was only one reason I agreed to go to Vietnam — to eat a cobra’s still-beating heart.  I’ve had snake meat in Beijing, the blood and bile in Taipei, but I could never find the fresh heart anywhere else. Anthony Bourdain famously ate the still-beating cobra’s heart in his old show and I thought, “Why the hell can’t I ... Read More »

Lemuria: The Deal Grocer Special


here’s always a great sense of fulfillment in finding these hidden places in the Metro. But Lemuria’s not exactly hidden anymore. It’s been gaining popularity for quite some time now and  I have to confess, I’ve been wanting to come to this French-Mediterranean place but never really got around to it.  My sister bought us coupons from Deal Grocer, which ... Read More »

Food Porn Junkies Go Streaking!


ecause Food Porn Junkies believes in wholesome, healthy activities (as opposed to unwholesome, unhealthy, eating), we present to you the Food Porn Junkies (and GBS trading) Streakers basketball team! We’ve been balling for a few months now, but we’re still all pretty out of shape.  I think it probably has something to do with all that food porn we’ve been ... Read More »

You Jie Xiao Chao: The Secret Resto in Rockwell


here’s this secret restaurant near Rockwell and I’ve been hearing it for quite some time now.  No name, no signage, just “Secret Resto.”  Sounds interesting and even serves Hunan cuisine.  The unlimited rice (for about 25 bucks), which I found out about later, is just a bonus. Officially, the place has a name: You Jie Xiao Chao, which translates to ... Read More »

Sunrise Buckets


love my Buffalo wings.  Which idiot doesn’t?  They’re fried, they’re fatty, they’re skinny, and they’re spicy!  So why do I have Sunrise Buckets as my go-to wing place? To start with, proximity.  Second, there’s a pretty good vibe to the place.  Third, they have solid wings with pretty interesting flavors.  If you need another reason, then you probably need to ... Read More »

Borough: Great Stoner Food


while back, I wrote about Everything at Steak being one of my go-to places after a workout.  Borough takes it one step further: It’s a great hangover comfort food joint.  Conveniently, it’s open 24/7. Borough’s concept is based around the New York boroughs.  No surprise that American fare is served. Great way to start is the Grilled Cheese and Tomato ... Read More »

Va Bene Pasta Deli


love my fresh pasta!  It’s one of the things I loved about Bistro Ravioli and it’s one of the things that excited me about coming to Va Bene.  A reunion with my college buddies was a great excuse to brave the Makati traffic. First of all, they have a shitty location.  It’s located inside a gas station that charges for ... Read More »

Bistro Ravioli


here are only 4 words you need to know here: fresh, pasta, brick, oven.  I know what you’re thinking: I’ve had some pretty good pizza and pasta before, does it really make a difference?  Yes, it does, my friend. Yes. It. Does. There are some advocates of dry pasta out there and they have their own compelling arguments for it, ... Read More »

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