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Hermanos Taco Shop: A Little Assist from TV


usually get stuck when deciding where to go.  ”Anywhere” seems to be the standard reply.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  I found a pretty good way of going about this and it’s turning on the Travel Channel!  In my case, it was the Mexico episode of No Reservations and it was as good a time as any ... Read More »

Dimsum Feast at Xin Tian Di


imsum is one of the greatest things in this world.  Seriously. It’s Chinese tapas, or maybe tapas should be called the Spanish dimsum.  Small bites you can have anytime of the day.  And even if they are steamed, they don’t suck. Dimsum is traditionally a light, tea-time meal.  But with my cousins coming from all over, we decided for a ... Read More »

Stackers Burger Cafe


I get excited whenever there’s a new burger joint in town.  So there are very few things better than ending my illegal DVD window shopping day with burgers.  Not that I buy pirated DVD’s. Stackers Burger Cafe is supposedly an Australian-based joint.  I’m not exactly sure if it’s a local franchise or something, but the burgers are said to be ... Read More »

Starbucks’ Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich


y typical Christmas Day has been to sit around in some mall, bored as hell, while waiting in some mall.  I know.  It’s sad. But I figured, it’s the best way to start with a ton of backlog and I ended up in Starbucks — the one place I never thought I’d hang out.  I don’t drink coffee, it’s expensive ... Read More »

Angel’s Kitchen in Greenhills


t must be at least 5 years since my first (and only) visit to Angel’s Kitchen.  Quite ironic that it’s the places that are fairly near that you don’t get to.  I think I did try to grab a meal here, but the place was packed and parking was a bitch.  That’s gotta be a great sign, right? I was ... Read More »

Isabelo Garden Restaurant: Marikina Road Trip for Our 2011 Reunion


very year, my high school buddies and I meet up at least once a year.  It’s usually a Christmas / year-ender get-together and we almost always opt for some sort of a buffet meal.  I wanted something different this year and Isabelo Garden was a place that I’ve been hearing constantly.  My cousin was telling me it was the best ... Read More »

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