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Breaking Bread at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery The Fort


‘d like to think that I’m not so fashionably late with certain trends.  Sure, I’m a little behind that some people, but for the most part, I’m just really late when it comes to writing about it.  The whole bakery-turned-brasserie is one such example. It’s been there for the longest time in Europe, but has recently gained steam in Asia ... Read More »

Is It Better Over at Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles?


love noodles.  I’m not sure if it’s just the Chinese in me or if it’s the simplicity of it, but I’m guessing it’s a bit of both.  This is precisely why Kanzhu‘s become one of my go-to places whenever I work late, whenever I having nothing to eat at home, or when I just need a quickie.  That’s what she ... Read More »

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo


couple of years ago, we had our annual holiday dinner at Isabelo Garden in Marikina.  It was a bitch of a drive then, it was a bitch of a drive now.  But it got better.  Now, they’re actually open for during the day for breakfast and lunch, but they decide to call the same place “Rustic Mornings.”  No objections.  It ... Read More »

SuZhou Dimsum: My Favorite Set of Spareribs


‘ve always been intrigued with SuZhou Dimsum.  I pass by it often and “Su” is actually my family’s ancestral name.  I’m a god damn idiot for not trying this place out, but I’m glad I finally came to my senses. SuZhou is actually a Taiwanese restaurant.  Yeah, I know why chinky-eyed bastards all look the same to you guys, but ... Read More »

Ang Mo Kio: Singaporean Cuisine at The Podium


sian cuisine is surprisingly expensive in the Philippines.  Ponder that for a second.  Go on.  Go on.  Pho Hoa is pretty expensive and don’t even get me started on Ba Noi’s or any of the Japanese places we have here.  In fact, if you eat European cuisine here, it’s much much cheaper than the prices over in France or Italy.  ... Read More »

Red Buffalo Wings and Pizza


have to admit that I don’t remember a lot about Red Buffalo.  It doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t good.  It probably has to do more with my terrible memory and the fact that this has taken so long ago.  What I do remember is exactly the date of my visit: April 29, 2012.  When this happened: So yeah, I dreaded ... Read More »

Malcolm’s De La Costa: The Incredibly Expensive Burger


guess I don’t really need to confess here, but it’s been a while.  In fact, as I’m writing about Malcolm’s De La Costa, they are now closed.  I think they’re moving somewhere else or probably renovating.  The fact that they’ll be back is the only reason why I’m taking the time to bullshit write about it. I’ve written about Malcolm’s ... Read More »

Poco Deli: Simple Little Deli Along Kapitolyo


eli’s are fucking awesome.  Aside from the occasional salads, it’s stocked with good quality meat, awesome craft beers, and cured meat.  I call that “man food” and we here at Food Porn Junkies are men. Real men are secure enough to say, “I love meat in tube form.”  So god damn it, I do.  I love it.  To start with, ... Read More »

Peri-Peri Grill House

Test 3

emember college? Fairly young, fairly naive, knees and back that still don’t give out on you, but ultimately — broke.  So it’s natural that any meal above a 100 bucks seemed like a fortune back then.  Although I’m still almost as cheap as I was back in the day, I find myself a lot more willing to splurge the extra ... Read More »

Kim Po Teahouse: Sparerib Rice Galore


f you attended my old high school , one tradition (for lack of a better term) is really to have walked from the school all the way to Greenhills Shopping Center, when it was still called Virra Mall.  It was about a 2km. walk and the best place to chow then was Le Ching.  More specifically, sparerib rice.  Even today, ... Read More »

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