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We’re Back!

Test 2

nd we’re back!  There are questions to answer, such as: “Were we ever gone?”  “Were we ever here?”  And “Why is this asshole spouting all this existential crap?  This is a food blog, dammit, show me something smothered in butter!” All valid questions that I will address, culminating in a photograph of the Food Porn Junkies team covered in butter ... Read More »

And We’re Back + We Want to Sell You Something


iven that our old hosting service screwed us over, we took some time off to improve, to better ourselves.  After some seriously hot and heavy live chat support sessions with our new hosting service that for propriety’s sake we cannot share here, we’re happy to be back faster than ever before, with unlimited storage space and bandwidth for our ... Read More »

Food Porn Junkies Go Streaking!


ecause Food Porn Junkies believes in wholesome, healthy activities (as opposed to unwholesome, unhealthy, eating), we present to you the Food Porn Junkies (and GBS trading) Streakers basketball team! We’ve been balling for a few months now, but we’re still all pretty out of shape.  I think it probably has something to do with all that food porn we’ve been ... Read More »

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