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And We’re Back + We Want to Sell You Something

And We’re Back + We Want to Sell You Something

Given that our old hosting service screwed us over1, we took some time off to improve, to better ourselves.  After some seriously hot and heavy live chat support sessions with our new hosting service that for propriety’s sake we cannot share here, we’re happy to be back faster than ever before, with unlimited storage space and bandwidth for our hordes of readers.

Also, since we just love our loyal readers, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that we will be offering hosting services to all those interested.  After all, we’ve got unlimited storage space and bandwidth – it only makes sense to share the love.  However, this isn’t the 60′s, so the love isn’t free.  While we would strongly object to being called sluts, we have no issue with being called whores.  I’ve got a couple of favorite whores, actually.  Seabiscuit and The Secretariat jejeje.

Interested in signing up with us?  All this not making any sense to you?  Whatever the case, please check out our HOSTING SERVICE FAQ.  Everything’s in there!

We’ve got big plans for, friends.  HUGE.  That’s what she said.

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Marc subscribes to the school of "Kill and Grill." He is a frustrated underwear model, and he doesn't own a DSLR because he's a rebel, or a cheap asshole.

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