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Stop Over Pizza: Gem of the Midnight Mercato


consider myself a pizza lover.  By no means am I an expert – no, I leave that to the Italians and the people at Pizza Hut (jeje) – but I know what I like.  Lots of cheese, freshly baked dough, quality ingredients – this is what I look for in a pizza.  Now I’m relatively easy to please.  If the ... Read More »

Burger Day at the Salcedo Weekend Market


love the Salcedo Market.  I enjoy it a lot more than Mercato Centrale / Midnight Mercato.  A LOT more. I used to come a lot more often back when I still had a slot to park in Makati.  OK, that came out wrong.  Let me re-phrase: I used to frequent the Salcedo Market back when I owned a parking slot ... Read More »

Midnight Mercato at The Fort Part 2: Where We Taste and See “Wagyu” Beef


love steak.  There is nothing I like better than a medium-rare, moist, pink, juicy slab of beef – marinated, salted, and peppered to perfection.  There’s something so carnal about carne, so inherently alive with every rib, sirloin, T-bone, porterhouse and tenderloin perfectly grilled over hot coals or pan-seared and fried in a thick cast-iron skillet.  The problem is that a ... Read More »

Midnight Mercato at The Fort Part 1: Where We Bash the Burgers


love burgers.  It’s beef, bread, and cheese – what’s not to love?  Nothing spells home and comfort better than a good old-fashioned burger.  In fact, I always order a burger when given the choice.  I’m in Canada, I order a burger.  I’m in Hong Kong, I order a burger.  Wherever in the world I’m at, I have had a burger.  ... Read More »

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