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Spiral: Hardcore Buffet


’ve been wanting to try Spiral for quite some time now, but I’ve been (1) too cheap to shell out the cash, (2) too lazy to drive all the way to the Manila area, and (3) too cheap to shell out the cash.  With the 50% discount that my sister got (with her HSBC Debit Card), her insistent bugging me ... Read More »

Brooklyn Pizza: A Slice of New York


absolutely love pizza! It’s not exactly a secret.  In fact, if you don’t love pizza, I don’t know how we can become friends.  For New York style pizzas, Brooklyn Pizza (IMHO) has to shoot up to the top of my list. Why does this place stand out? First of all, they serve you with complimentary bread.  It’s got good size, ... Read More »

Ukokkei Ramen Ron: Raising Ramen Standards


he first thing I heard about Ukokkei is that the chef was a crazy Japanese dude who threw people out for sharing food, taking too long to order, and looking at him funny.  I have heard horror stories of the chef yelling at customers, couples on dates, to leave his restaurant because they were letting the other taste their ramen. ... Read More »

Johnny Rockets: Unli Bucket


he biggest game changer in the telecommunications industry here in the Philippines has been the unlimited buckets.  I mean it single-handledly fucked up plans for any major player at one point.  I should know.  I used to work for two of them  So why is this analogy relevant?  Because of Johnny Rockets! Johnny Rockets is this relatively new fast food-type ... Read More »

Mann Hann: Back to the Familiar


ne of my default restaurants has been Mann Hann along J. Abad Santos.  But I haven’t been there for quite some time now.  And sometimes, it’s just wanting to eat something familiar as opposed to trying out something new.  So let me share what my typical orders are in Mann Hann. First is a Sate Chami.  Chami is Chinese for ... Read More »

Serious Slices Over at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza


’m like Michaelangelo.  You know the one with the orange face mask who fights with nunchakus?  THAT Michaelangelo. Because I love pizza!  I’ve heard about Gino’s for quite some time now and what really convinced me about this place were the words “brick” and “oven.”  PLUS, they’re featured and active on Serious Eats’ Slice!  I didn’t want to go back ... Read More »

Army Navy: Burger + Burrito


here’s this new joint that’s mushrooming throughout the Metro.  I only needed to read the word “Burger” and I knew I had to try Army Navy right away because who doesn’t love burgers, right?  It took me a couple of months, but here’s my take on Army Navy. First of all, you gotta have the burger!  Each patty is a ... Read More »

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