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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen: The Worst Ramen in Manila


ot so long after declaring some place the best of something with my last review, I did get some hate mail from people who thought I was insane.  Or an idiot.  Not that they would be wrong.  I figure, no better time to rattle more cages and receive death threats instead of hate mail by doing the opposite: declaring the ... Read More »

Leaving the Cannoli at Cantina Sicilianita


eave the gun, take the cannoli.”  Classic line.  In this case, we chose to leave the cannoli because of the overall experience.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Cantina Sicilianita had everything going for them.  They had this small, uncompromisingly good vibe about them.  And like any Sicilian would tell you, they’re not Italian cuisine even if the flavors ... Read More »

Jang Gun: Crappy Korean Food Along Libis


hile I’m a big fan of BBQ’ing and grilling, Korean food is surprisingly unappealing to me.  I’m not exactly sure why that is.  My best guess is that Korea was my childhood worst-ever trip.  It was filled with Koreanovela shooting locations (which I never watched or even knew about) and steamed vegetables.  Worst. Trip. Ever.  It’s either that or the ... Read More »

Ba Noi’s: Noodle Day!


irst of all, I’ve been hearing about this place serves the best authentic pho in Manila.  When you start reading the online menu and you see that they serve Bun Cha?  I’m there! The place looks great when you go in.  They decorated the place with different photographs of Saigon and Hanoi and it has a good modern Asian feel ... Read More »

Nav: Modern Thai Cuisine


have to come clean here.  I’m biased.  I’ve said it before, but I think I need to qualify this statement: I love the traditional taste of certain cuisines. I mean, the best way to eat anything for me is to eat it the way locals do.  Like, if I’m in Rome, you won’t see me putting ketchup on my spaghetti.  ... Read More »

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