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Elbert’s Cheesesteak Sandwiches: Beef. Cheese. Bun

Test 1

like cows.  They’re cute, they’re docile, and they are delicious, especially when served on a bun.  With onions and cheese.  I believe that the universe, in its infinite universal wisdom, made cows slow and trusting expressly so that humanity may one day know the delights of beef.  Throughout the short but storied history of mankind, many a culture have deigned ... Read More »

We’re Back!

Test 2

nd we’re back!  There are questions to answer, such as: “Were we ever gone?”  “Were we ever here?”  And “Why is this asshole spouting all this existential crap?  This is a food blog, dammit, show me something smothered in butter!” All valid questions that I will address, culminating in a photograph of the Food Porn Junkies team covered in butter ... Read More »

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