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A Pretty Cool Shirt from The Beachsters


found this pretty cool shirt and got one for myself.  Normally, I’d feel like a sell-out, hell, even a puss for posting something like this on this site, but what the hell. It’s not like I’ve been posting a lot, but this is a pretty sweet deal until November 15.  Sure, we’re not an apparel or even an advertising site, ... Read More »

How to Get Your Money’s Worth at The New Spiral


piral has arguably the best buffet spread in Manila.  Usually, it’s a shit load of dishes with maybe the prime rib really standing out.  It gets overwhelming that it becomes a parade of mediocre dishes that gets covered up.  Sure, there’s the usual prime rib station, the pasta section, the Indian, Chinese and all that shebang — but what makes ... Read More »

The Starbucks Secret Menu: The Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino


t’s been a while.  I’ll make up an excuse during my next post. So why am I posting now? Well, I’m feeling lazy.  I posted a photo yesterday about the Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino (P180.00, which is an additional P20.00 to their normal Fraps) off Starbucks’ secret menu and I’ve had people ask about some of the recipes.  So instead of ... Read More »

Starbucks’ Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich


y typical Christmas Day has been to sit around in some mall, bored as hell, while waiting in some mall.  I know.  It’s sad. But I figured, it’s the best way to start with a ton of backlog and I ended up in Starbucks — the one place I never thought I’d hang out.  I don’t drink coffee, it’s expensive ... Read More »

Trippin’ in Greece Part 4: Gyros


t can be expensive to eat in Europe.  Check that.  It’s really expensive to eat in Europe… especially when you compare the price in Asia for the same meal.  Quality- and portion-wise, it can’t be that much different.  It’s really just expensive over there.  I’ve been to Europe twice now and there were days of having only 1 meal to ... Read More »

Burger Day at the Salcedo Weekend Market


love the Salcedo Market.  I enjoy it a lot more than Mercato Centrale / Midnight Mercato.  A LOT more. I used to come a lot more often back when I still had a slot to park in Makati.  OK, that came out wrong.  Let me re-phrase: I used to frequent the Salcedo Market back when I owned a parking slot ... Read More »

Midnight Mercato at The Fort Part 2: Where We Taste and See “Wagyu” Beef


love steak.  There is nothing I like better than a medium-rare, moist, pink, juicy slab of beef – marinated, salted, and peppered to perfection.  There’s something so carnal about carne, so inherently alive with every rib, sirloin, T-bone, porterhouse and tenderloin perfectly grilled over hot coals or pan-seared and fried in a thick cast-iron skillet.  The problem is that a ... Read More »

Midnight Mercato at The Fort Part 1: Where We Bash the Burgers


love burgers.  It’s beef, bread, and cheese – what’s not to love?  Nothing spells home and comfort better than a good old-fashioned burger.  In fact, I always order a burger when given the choice.  I’m in Canada, I order a burger.  I’m in Hong Kong, I order a burger.  Wherever in the world I’m at, I have had a burger.  ... Read More »

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