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Brasas: Latin American Street Food


ake no mistake about it, Brasa is one of my favorite restaurants right now.  Too bad I haven’t been writing about it, but it really is.  There’s meat, there’s unique flavor and concept, it’s really good, and it’s priced very reasonably. Brasas serves Latin American food.  This covers South America — where the Brazils and Argentinas are.  I’ve been there ... Read More »

Ang Mo Kio: Singaporean Cuisine at The Podium


sian cuisine is surprisingly expensive in the Philippines.  Ponder that for a second.  Go on.  Go on.  Pho Hoa is pretty expensive and don’t even get me started on Ba Noi’s or any of the Japanese places we have here.  In fact, if you eat European cuisine here, it’s much much cheaper than the prices over in France or Italy.  ... Read More »

Banana Leaf: Procrastination at Its Finest


e here at Food Porn Junkies are procrastinators!  And I try to mean that in the most cool/care-free way.  I’ve reached a personal low, though.  I’ve actually tried out Banana Leaf early in the year.  By the time I’m posting this, I’ve already gone back a 2nd time, which is why you guys (if there are actually any readers out ... Read More »

New Bombay: Finally Getting It Right


’m going to say it right off the bat: I love New Bombay!  Ever since I first tried it a few years back, I’ve always had a soft spot for New Bombay.  I have no idea how authentic or how close the food is with real Indian cuisine but I’ve just realized that I’ve been eating Indian food the wrong ... Read More »

Shi Lin: Another One Bites the Dust


ver notice that the Philippines is a trending type of country, especially in the restaurant business?  I mean look at the pearl shake phase where you had Zagu being commercially successful, then all those pearl shake stalls mushroomed about the Metro.  Then this milk tea craze started with the Serenitea’s that have ushered in stores such as Happy Lemon and ... Read More »

Terry’s Selection: The Always Hidden Deli


love delis!  They tend to have really quality steaks, an array of selection of quality ingredients, and best of all — cured meat!  I’ve been hooked with cured meat ever since I got a taste. Now I’ve heard of Terry’s Selection a while back from one of our business partners in my old job.  I visited The Podium branch, but ... Read More »

Borough: Great Stoner Food


while back, I wrote about Everything at Steak being one of my go-to places after a workout.  Borough takes it one step further: It’s a great hangover comfort food joint.  Conveniently, it’s open 24/7. Borough’s concept is based around the New York boroughs.  No surprise that American fare is served. Great way to start is the Grilled Cheese and Tomato ... Read More »

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