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Rustic Mornings by Isabelo


couple of years ago, we had our annual holiday dinner at Isabelo Garden in Marikina.  It was a bitch of a drive then, it was a bitch of a drive now.  But it got better.  Now, they’re actually open for during the day for breakfast and lunch, but they decide to call the same place “Rustic Mornings.”  No objections.  It ... Read More »

Milky & Sunny: Not So Latest Breakfast Craze


’ve heard about Milky & Sunny for the longest time now.  For about a 2-week stretch, I coulnd’t stop hearing about this place from blogs, word of mouth, and through Twitter.  Seriously, it was like the next Linsanity, but not as flocked as Lugang when it first opened.  But because we here at Food Porn Junkies are responsible eaters, we ... Read More »

Breakfast at Malcolm’s Deli


e’ve been through breakfast before at Flapjacks.  They left me unusually full at an unusually early time of the day because I’m not really used to having a heavy breakfast.  But I couldn’t resist when I heard about the best pancakes in Manila is served at Malcolm’s.  I know what you’re thinking.  Malcolm’s?  That place with a 400-peso burger and ... Read More »

Flapjacks: One Heart Attack Per Day


ou know when they say that you’re getting old when your body clock wakes you up early in the morning?  Well, consider me getting old.  It doesn’t really matter how late I sleep the night before or how tired I am, I don’t even need to wait for my alarm to play The Beatles’ “Good Day Sunshine.”  I’m basically up ... Read More »

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