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Wee Nam Kee: The Best Chicken Rice in Manila


here’s no other way to say it but the Chicken Rice shops we have in Manila are shit.  Now I don’t claim to be an expert of boiling chicken and steaming rice, but you don’t have to be a genius to know the good ones from the bad.  Chicken Rice is NOT the national dish of Singapore.  It is, however, ... Read More »

A New Challenger in Greeka Kouzina


et’s get this out of the way: there’s no really good Greek food here in Manila.  But what we have is, at the very least, some decent ones.  Although it’s not really been a popular cuisine, it’s been gaining some traction lately.  It’s been the Cafe Med and Cyma that’s been our incumbent Greek contenders, but recently a new challenger’s ... Read More »

There’s Always A Line at Rub BBQ and Ribs


‘ve never been to Rub without having to wait in line for about 20 minutes.  Sure, the place isn’t as big, but so are other places with more empty seats than the waiting chairs outside Rub.   So why do I think this place is so popular?  IMHO, it’s one of the best- (if not the best) valued rib place in ... Read More »

Circles at Makati Shangri-La: Just Another Buffet?


had a whole post on Circles Event Cafe written before this one.  It was a brilliant, humorous, even poignant piece of work.  One that I accidentally deleted.  Because I am a moron.  Just sharing.  On to the buffet! I have a love-hate relationships with buffets.  I love them, but I hate myself afterwards.  But hey, I insist on abusing my ... Read More »

Cafe Sweet Inspirations: Awesome Mongolian Joint


ne of the places I loved to try (but never did) was Cafe Sweet Inspirations — right across that school with the blue rooster.  Why you say?  Let’s just say the 180-peso price tag was a wee bit too much for me.  I absolutely love my Mongolian rice bowl and the better alternative then was a place called Kublai’s, which ... Read More »

JT’s Manukan: The Best Inasal in Manila

Test 4

’m not a big fan of the Inasal Craze in Manila.  It started a while back and I’ve never understood what made it so good.  It seems simple enough.  If you try and Google “Chicken Inasal,” it’s supposed to be this blend of ingredients that should make one hell of a grilled chicken. But leave it up to the fast ... Read More »

Yabu: House of Katsu


verytime the NBA trade deadline approaches, it’s like the guy’s version of gossip.  Who’s going where and for whom and whatnot.  I was reading today’s chismis and apparently Dwight Howard has told the Magic management that he’d like to stay in Orlando for the rest of the year… Presumably to bolt to another team next year without gutting his team ... Read More »

Papa John’s Pizza: A Little Change of Heart


’ve heard about Papa John’s Pizza for quite some time now.  Even before they set up shop here.  They’re the ones that’s been getting air-time with their concession stand in the Miami Heat arena.  They’ve had that cheesy tag line “Better ingredients.  Better pizza” line for the longest time now.  Get it, cheesy jeje?  OK, that was bad. Moving on… ... Read More »

Angel’s Kitchen in Greenhills


t must be at least 5 years since my first (and only) visit to Angel’s Kitchen.  Quite ironic that it’s the places that are fairly near that you don’t get to.  I think I did try to grab a meal here, but the place was packed and parking was a bitch.  That’s gotta be a great sign, right? I was ... Read More »

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