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Getting A Quality Steak at Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats

Getting A Quality Steak at Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats

Mad Mark’s appealed to us at Food Porn Junkies.  They serve the kind of food that men should like — “Bro Food” you might call it.  They’re known for their man-sized sandwiches1 and their cream — ice cream2.  I’ll cut to the chase and say that I wasn’t a big fan of the sandwich, but the steak is something you should order.

First, we got a Pitcher of Iced Tea.  Yes, it’s homemade and yes, I forgot how much it costs.  It should be around 100-120 bucks.  It was OK, but not something memorable or anything.  Nor should you expect it to be.

Pitcher of Iced Tea

My sister got the Mariner, which is a fried fish fillet sandwich with lettuce, tomato bits, and mayonnaise, and (according to the menu) with a little heat to it.  There was none.  Best way to describe this was … eh.

Mariner (P150.00 or $3.35 for half; P220.00 or $4.90 for full)

Mom had the Chicken Meltdown.  It’s grilled chicken topped with sauteed mushrooms, bell peppers, and mozzarella cheese.  This was better than the Mariner, but this isn’t exactly some mind-blowing shit.

Chicken Meltdown (P190.00 or $4.20 for half; P260.00 or $5.80 for full)

They’re signature sandwiches are supposedly the Lumberjack (beef) and the Manwich (beef and chicken).

I was pleasantly surprised with the steak though.  Sure, I saw 11oz. USDA Angus for less than 300 bucks and it sounds really good.  Too good, actually that you’d be skeptical as well.  Think tough, overcooked iron skillet steaks.

But no!  It was actually juicy, flavorful, tender, and surprisingly cooked to a perfect medium rare.  The 11oz Bootstrap Steak was served with their special rice and some side salad with a vinaigrette-like dressing and their homemade Bootstrap sauce, hence the name3.

11oz Bootstrap Steak (P280.00 or $6.20)

I would pay the extra 10 bucks for the 11oz Cream Mushroom Steak with is served with the same shit except for the Cream Mushroom sauce.  I’m not a mushroom guy, but I definitely enjoyed this more.

11oz Cream Mushroom Steak (P190.00 or $6.45)

I would try the ice cream just because they make their own4.  You can order a Single (P70.00 or $1.55) or Double Scoop (P110.00 or $2.45).  You do get charged for a Double if you ask for your Double Scoop to be served in two separate cups.  Weird shit, if you ask me, because I’m the type that doesn’t like t mix flavors.

I think this was the Roasted Pecan

We tried the Roasted Pecan, Javan Hot Chocolate, and Signature Chai.  Not a fan, but if I were to pick, the Roasted Pecan would probably be the one I hated the least.  But again, not a dessert guy, so I think most people would like their ice cream.

Javan Chocolate

That said, go for the steak. If Rub has a great value-for-money ribs, this is a place for the steak equivalent.  However, unlikely it might be.

address-overlay 23 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig

phone-overlay (02) 342-6802 / (02) 579-5661

cell-overlay (0923) 915-3885



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