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So why food porn?

We find that to be a sexist remark.  If women can claim that chocolates are better than sex, then we should be able to profess our love for a perfectly marbled cut of steak without being judged. Just kidding.

Frankly, we love food. We love it fast, we love it junk, we love it soul. If it’s at all edible, you can’t keep us away. If it isn’t, you can’t keep Lester away. Sometimes, food is so gastronomically awesome that it gets sexy. We just can’t get enough of that food porn!

Yes, we know there are a million other food blogs out there. But we’re different. We all have subscriptions to the Food Channel. Anthony Bourdain is our male role model / father figure. And we’re really good looking (Haha).

But all jokes aside, we’re really good looking.

This blog is our tribute to all that beautiful food porn out there. We’ll be scouring the streets of the Metro looking for sexy foods that just might make it in the bugeoning food porn industry. And we’ll be telling you all about it. After all, food porn is meant for sharing.

Us junkies have to stick together.


  1. I worship Anthony Bourdain too. Food is totally sensual and should be experienced sensually. You guys rock!

  2. What a great little site. Funny, entertaining, well-written too (none of that distracting nonsense plaguing a lot of similarly earnest blogs, i.e. “The roast beef is dry like a wobbly jerky…the hubby don’t like and she feel cheated!”). I love food and porn in equal measure as well and there’s nothing quite like beholding a cheeseburger you can make love to…

    More posts please! Could use a few more reviews on buffets. ;)

  3. This is only best “about the author” I have read in years, haha! :) And well-written entertaining posts too! Keep ‘em coming!

  4. nice site. and I definitely agree that good food is just oh-so-sexy. :)
    self-confessed foodie and loves tasting new flavors (oh yeah!)

    now blogrolling this page. goodtimes.

  5. hi there!! try the newly opened The Coffee Beanery at Sm Marikina a sister company CCA and Asian School of Hospitality Arts.Try their unlimited coffee and cakes for only 150 pesos.

    • Hi wehttam,

      I think that unlimited deal is available in most Coffee Beaneries (did I get that plural thing right jejeje?). Thanks for the heads up and we’ll try and check that out. Cheers!

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