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Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen: The Worst Ramen in Manila


ot so long after declaring some place the best of something with my last review, I did get some hate mail from people who thought I was insane.  Or an idiot.  Not that they would be wrong.  I figure, no better time to rattle more cages and receive death threats instead of hate mail by doing the opposite: declaring the ... Read More »

Circles at Makati Shangri-La: Just Another Buffet?


had a whole post on Circles Event Cafe written before this one.  It was a brilliant, humorous, even poignant piece of work.  One that I accidentally deleted.  Because I am a moron.  Just sharing.  On to the buffet! I have a love-hate relationships with buffets.  I love them, but I hate myself afterwards.  But hey, I insist on abusing my ... Read More »

Cyma: Manila’s Version of Greek Food


yma is not the only restaurant that serves Greek food in the Philippines.  Greek cuisine is mediterranean in nature.  You will see the same things like kebab, shawarma (or gyro’s in their case), salads, etc. I’ve been here a few times, but I was set to go to Greece and I wanted to compare Cyma’s authenticity to real Greek cuisine.  ... Read More »

Cibo: The Mall Temptation


hate shopping! Really. You’re walking around the mall, there’s nothing to look at, things are pretty expensive nowadays, and then your back gives out on you.  It really makes walking around the mall a drag. Suddenly, you pass by the shops and there’s this fragrant smell coming out one of the spaces. Makes you go, “Damn, I want that!”  So ... Read More »

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