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Why You Should Visit Nomama Ramen


o, not for their ramen.  I know it’s called “Nomama Artisanal RAMEN,” but I give them more credit than stating the obvious.  Sure, I also tried them little bowls of goodness, but it’s the other stuff that makes the place special. Nomama is one of the first restaurants to promote local and organic ingredients and free-range poultry and pork.  They ... Read More »

Ukokkei Ramen Ron: Raising Ramen Standards


he first thing I heard about Ukokkei is that the chef was a crazy Japanese dude who threw people out for sharing food, taking too long to order, and looking at him funny.  I have heard horror stories of the chef yelling at customers, couples on dates, to leave his restaurant because they were letting the other taste their ramen. ... Read More »

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