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Serious Slices Over at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza


’m like Michaelangelo.  You know the one with the orange face mask who fights with nunchakus?  THAT Michaelangelo. Because I love pizza!  I’ve heard about Gino’s for quite some time now and what really convinced me about this place were the words “brick” and “oven.”  PLUS, they’re featured and active on Serious Eats’ Slice!  I didn’t want to go back ... Read More »

Kizuna Coffee Concepts: Gourmet Food with Coffee


’m usually skeptical about going to Banawe, not unless I want cheap parts for my car.  There are good places to eat, but there’s a huge supply of really really cheap but mediocre food.  But there’s this place that we’ve heard about, so Ryan and I decided to check this place out. The place is called Kizuna Coffee Concepts and ... Read More »

Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles: It’s All About the Noodle


great piece of carb can really be as sexy as a great slab of meat.  Fresh, pure, firm. Well, you get the picture. But the point is, a really high quality carb, whether it’s a noodle, spaghetti, rice, or a risotto, can really make or break a dish.  It’s a dish in itself regardless of the sauce or topping. So ... Read More »

Lemuria: The Deal Grocer Special


here’s always a great sense of fulfillment in finding these hidden places in the Metro. But Lemuria’s not exactly hidden anymore. It’s been gaining popularity for quite some time now and  I have to confess, I’ve been wanting to come to this French-Mediterranean place but never really got around to it.  My sister bought us coupons from Deal Grocer, which ... Read More »

Amici: Please Don’t Sell Out


ontrary to what we think, a mark of a great cook is not how creative he / she is.  It’s not just about being able to whip out the best recipes.  It’s all about being consistent.  Each time you visit, the taste and the emotion of every bite should be the same It’s all about execution, execution, execution! Amici originally ... Read More »

Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes


used to study in that school along Katipunan — the one with the gym with a big rooster on it. It’s been a while and I can’t remember how many times I’ve been told that I graduated too soon because of this new restaurant called Banapple.  I’ve tried it since then, but I don’t exactly miss the drive to and ... Read More »

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